About Me

Hi. I’m Momchil, and I’m a software engineer. I’ve been one since high school, into college and all throughout my career as well for a total of 15 years of combined academic and professional experience.

I’ve primarily worked in the web industry, with experience in neighbouring technologies and paradigms, such as games, and lower-level programming allotted to my education days and my spare time.

On the frontend, I’ve worked on quite a few backoffice web UIs with a number of frontend frameworks like AngularJS, Angular, React, and Vue, with most of my time spent on Angular.

On the backend, I’ve mainly worked in the Node ecosystem and things surrounding it like Express and NestJS, with a sprinkle of some PHP & Wordpress plugins back in the day.

I’ve also touched on some CI/CD stuff with jenkins, along with some network management with Nginx.

As far as the things I’ve worked on, they range from authentication services to realtime web communication, file sharing, image processing, data APIs, you name it.

I’ve been on brown and greenfield projects, some of which have gone through stack migrations as well as full rewrites.

As far as non-technical things go, I’ve worked at a companies of 3, 30, 3000 and 300 000+ people. I’ve seen the different challenge points at different sizes and the growing pains of scaling a team of engineers. As such, I’ve seen project management go from hinderance, to necessity, to overmanagement.

I’ve also had the pleasure of mentoring and onboarding people into existing tech stacks as well as company organisational processes.

If any of this sounds like something you need help with, hit me up somewhere in the links below. Or on email @ anamodev@gmail.com

I hope you have a great day!